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Research Assistant Duhan Ölmez

Faculty of Architecture / Dept. of Architecture

Short CV

He graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School in 2011. Later he graduated from Yaşar University, Department of Architecture in 2016 as top third student. He completed his master's degree at the same university in the 2019 semester as the top student of the institute. He is currently doing his PhD in Architecture Program at İzmir Institute of Technology. He worked in many architectural and visualization firms during and after his undergraduate period. During his education, he worked at various construction sites. In 2016 he started a research project, later he founded the company called KeplerVR in 2018 and he is still the directing manager of the company. At the same time, he does his personal architectural work with the doBureau. He works on architectural education, virtual reality, architectural modeling and visualization, and project design.

  • Email duhan.olmez@yasar.edu.tr  
  • Phone 0232-570 8161  



2019 - -


Thesis Name: The role of virtual environments in architectural design education: Spatial perception and distant collaboration (2019)
Thesis Advisor: ONUR DURSUN
2016 - 2019


2011 - 2016


7.3 Published in CPCI-S or CPCI-SSH indexed conference proceedings International
DURSUN ONUR,DURMUŞLAR FEYZA,ÖLMEZ DUHAN The Influence of Immediate Urban Surroundings on Energy Performance of Historical Buildings 56th Annual Associated Schools of Construction International Conference 2020
UNCU MÜJDE,MADEN FERAY,ÖLMEZ DUHAN Dynamic Façade Design based on Visual Comfort and Daylight Performance Optimization 1st International Conference on Optimization-Driven Architectural Design 2019
MADEN FERAY,YILDIRIM ERİNÇ,ÖLMEZ DUHAN,Couvelas Agnes Optimization of a Sail-Shaped Façade Structure of a Multi-Storey Office Building 1st International Conference on Optimization-Driven Architectural Design 2019
MADEN FERAY,ÖLMEZ DUHAN,GÜR ŞEBNEM,UNCU MÜJDE,Mitropoulou Chara Dynamic Shelter Structure ICSA2019 – 4th International Conference on Structures and Architecture 2019
KUNDAKCI KOYUNBABA BAŞAK,kırımtat ayça,ÖLMEZ DUHAN,YILDIRIM ERİNÇ,görgün öykü,yavuzarslan gizem Parametric Design of a Shading Device and Its Robotic Fabrication International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy 2019
Couvelas Agnes,Phocas Marios,MADEN FERAY,Matheou Maria,ÖLMEZ DUHAN Daylight performance of an adaptive façade shading system integrated on a multi-storey office building 13th Conference on Advanced Building Skins 2018
7.4 Books & Book Chapters International
MADEN FERAY,ÖLMEZ DUHAN,GÜR ŞEBNEM,UNCU MÜJDE,Mitropoulou Chara Structures and Architecture - Bridging the Gap and Crossing Borders Chapter:Dynamic Shelter Structure Page (689-696) Chapter CRC Press 2019
Non-academic Experience
Nev Creative Mimar / Bilgisayar Grafikleri Uzmanı Ticari (Özel) 2016 2017
Yaşar Üniversitesi Bilimsel Araştırma Projesi Bursiyeri Kamu 2016 2017
Whatabout İzmir Ekibi Üyesi Diğer 2013 2016
Yaşar Üniversitesi YUMAK Laboratuvar Asistanı Kamu 2014 2015
Portal Mimarlık Stajyer Mimar Ticari (Özel) 2015 2015
Tasarım Köyü İzmir Organizatör Diğer 2015 2015
Bigatto Mimarlık Stajyer Mimar Ticari (Özel) 2011 2014
ZHS Proje İnşaat Stajyer Mimar Ticari (Özel) 2013 2014
Avis Grafik Bilgisayar Grafikleri Uzmanı Ticari (Özel) 2014 2014
İller Bankası İzmir Stajyer Mimar Kamu 2014 2014
BALMED Unibal İzmir Koordinatörü Sivil Toplum Kuruluşu 2011 2013
PDH Proje Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Stajyer Mimar Ticari (Özel) 2011 2012
Delta Group Şantiye Sorumlusu Ticari (Özel) 2012 2012
Blab Fm Kurucu Ortak Ticari (Özel) 2011 2011
Kepler VR Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı / Kurucu Ticari (Özel) 2016 0
Duhan Ölmez Mimarlık Bürosu Mimar / Kurucu Ticari (Özel) 2017 0
Bal Sözlük Kurucu Ortak Ticari (Özel) 2010 0
Zor Group Partner Mimar Ticari (Özel) 2014 0
SPHERE SPHERE is designed for Samsung QLED TV’xxs Ambient Mode Design competition project by Dezeen and Samsung. Project is awarded with 3rd prize in Berlin IFA fair. Below you can find explanation of project.World has emerged to a new type of community where individualism has become the key force, fueling diversity and free will as its core values. An individual creates a self-digital world while interacting others via social media, applications and softwares on private and customized devices. In our new community, definition of televisions has shifted, representing our homes - no longer a device hanged on our walls. Internet of things surrounds us every day with devices we use in our routines. Our identities are based on things we have done, we are doing, we are to do, shaping our decisions. Decisions which were solely made by us, have begun to make in collaboration with dedicated applications and innovations. An immediate personalized home interface allows users to take their home to a new interaction level. Television is only a surface to watch when the time comes, however SPHERE acts with time and user.Perception defines the border of imagination. New methods for showcasing informations and graphics forging wider perspectives throughout our decisions, schedules, suggestions and any type of data user would like to acquire in daily life. Design idea is to combine personal data with procedurally generated graphics to demonstrate ambient mode.SPHERE, acts as a personal assistant to an individual’s life. You can feel as it is embodied version of your immediate space, home. Your choices shape your life, environment and home as well as your personal SPHERE. Everything gets connected with one surface. Surface which is hanged on your wall without any border but stands as an object. Your choices, your preferences, your life, your SPHERE,Round Your World. Diğer İrem Deniz Akçam


KeplerVR, Sanal Gerçeklik Tabanlı Mimari İletişim Platformu


”OptArch: Optimization Driven Architectural Design of Structures” [Yapıların Optimizasyon Tabanlı Mimari Tasarımı]

Avrupa Birliği

Bilimsel Araştırma Projesi - Enerji-etkin Gölgeleme Elemanı (EGE)


OptArch - Optimization Driven Architectural Design


Administrative Duties

Öğrenci Yarışmaları Sorumlusu YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2019 -

Mimarlık Doktora Programı Komitesi YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2018 -


2018 - 2019

Bölüm İnternet Sitesi Admini YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2017 -

Fakülte İnternet Sitesi Admini YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2017 -

Lectures Sistemi Admini YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2017 - 2019

Bölüm Dijital Arşivleme Sorumlusu YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2017 -

Bölüm Kurumsal Kimlik Tasarımı Sorumlusu YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2017 -

YUMAK Laboratuvar Fakülte Koordinatörü YAŞAR ÜNİVERSİTESİ

2017 - 2018

Membership in Scientific and Professional Organizations

Mimarlar Odası

2016 -


Uşak Belediyesi, Yayalaştırılan Sokaklar Mimarlık Kentsel Tasarım Fikir Proje Yarışması


Samsung Ambient Modu Tasarım Yarışması

Dezeen, Samsung / İNGİLTERE


(Fall) Arch4151 - Virtual Environments in Architecture (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 4

(Fall) Arch2211 - Introduction to Computational Design (Assistant) (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 5

(Fall) Arch2210 - Architectural Design I (Assistant) (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Fall) Arch2220 - Architectural Design II (Assistant) (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Spring) Arch2210 - Architectural Design I (Assistant) (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Spring) Arch2220 - Architectural Design II (Assistant) (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Spring) Arch3310 - Architectural Design III (Assistant) (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Spring) Arch3320 - Architectural Design IV (Assistant) (2018-2019)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Fall) Arch210 - Integral Architectural Design Studio I (Assistant) (2017-2018)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Fall) Arch220 - Integral Architectural Design Studio II (Assistant) (2017-2018)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Fall) Arch111 - Architectural Representations I (Assistant) (2017-2018)

Weekly Hour : 4

(Spring) Arch324 - Computational Design (Assistant) (2017-2018)

Weekly Hour : 4

(Spring) Arch220 - Integral Architectural Design Studio II (Assistant) (2017-2018)

Weekly Hour : 8

(Spring) Arch210 - Integral Architectural Design Studio I (Assistant) (2017-2018)

Weekly Hour : 8


Üniversite Cad. No: 37-39 Ağaçlı Yol
Bornova / İZMİR