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Assoc.Prof. (PhD) Sinan Alper

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences / Dept. of Psychology

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Sinan Alper completed his master's degree in Organizational and Social Psychology at London School of Economics and Political Science and PhD in Social Psychology at Middle East Technical University; and has started working at the Department of Psychology at Yasar University in 2018. Sinan Alper studies social cognitive processes behind moral/political attitudes and misinformation, and his research has been published by some of the most prominent journals in the field, including Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Nature Human Behavior, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Social Psychological and Personality Science. He is an editorial board member at European Journal of Social Psychology.

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Thesis Name: Mastering the chaos by asserting agency: Randomness salience and its effects for different models of agency (2016)
Thesis Advisor: NEBİ SÜMER
2012 - 2016


/ London School of Economics and Political Science {England}
Örgütsel ve Sosyal Psikoloji
Thesis Name: Talking like an ’enterprising individual’: The case of cynicism towards neoliberal ideology in employees’ talk (2011)
Thesis Advisor: Derek Hook
2010 - 2011


2005 - 2010

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2017 - 2018

Thesis Superviser

Master Thesis
VAHDET SÜMER Reflection decreases the endorsement of conspiracy beliefs when stronger manipulation is used Kadir Has Üniversitesi 2023
EGESU YILDIRIMKANLI The associations between collective narcissism and the solidarity-based collective action intentions of the local community on behalf of syrians: The moderating role of in-group image threat TOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Üniversitesi 2023
BÜŞRA ELİF YELBUZ How does an extravert or a psychopath look like? The effects of face features on individuals' impressions of personality traits Yaşar Üniversitesi 2022
BENAN AYAZOĞLU YASSI The moderating role of ostracism and feeling of competence in game-play on the relationship between violent video game playing and aggression: A longitudinal study Yaşar Üniversitesi 2022
EZGİ BAYIRLI The moderation effect of perceived social support on the perceived gender discrimination and depression relationship Yaşar Üniversitesi 2021
EZGİ BAYIRLI The Moderation Effect of Perceived Social Support on The Relationship Between Perceived Gender Discrimination and Depression Yaşar Üniversitesi 2021
TUĞÇENAZ ELCİL The effect of COVID-19 threat on warm and competent political leader preferences: Differences between preferences of left-and right-oriented people Yaşar Üniversitesi 2021
ERDAL KOZAN The effect of gender roles on gender identity, sexual orientation and subjective perception of attractiveness Yaşar Üniversitesi 2020
NİLAY İŞBİLİR Norway and Turkey at the edges of gender equality: A mixed method approach in examining perceptions of gender inequality Yaşar Üniversitesi 2020
Ezgi Bayırlı Relationship between gender discrimination, depression and anxiety levels among Syrian women under temporary protection in Turkey
PhD Thesis


7.1 Published or Accepted to be Published in International Journals Covered by (SCI & SCI-E & SSCI & AHCI)
ALPER SİNAN, Yelbuz Büşra Elif, KONUKOĞLU KIVANÇ Perceived expert and laypeople consensus predict belief in local conspiracy theories in a non-WEIRD culture: Evidence from Turkey Judgment and Decision Making, 18(), 0-0. (SSCI) 2023
Jones Benedict C., DeBruine Lisa M., Flake Jessica K., Liuzza Marco Tullio, Antfolk Jan, Arinze Nwadiogo C., Ndukaihe Izuchukwu L. G., Bloxsom Nicholas C., Lewis Savannah C., Foroni Francesco, Willis Megan L., Cubillas Carmelo P., Vadillo Miguel A., To which world regions does the valence-dominance model of social perception apply? Nature Human Behaviour, 5(1), 159-169. (SSCI) 2021
BAYRAK FATİH, ALPER SİNAN A Tale of Two Hashtags: Differences in Moral Content of Pro- and Anti-Government Tweets in Turkey European Journal of Social Psychology, (), 0-0. (SSCI) 2021
ALPER SİNAN, BAYRAK FATİH, YILMAZ ONURCAN Inferring political and religious attitudes from composite faces perceived to be related to the dark triad personality traits Personality and Individual Differences, 182(), 0-0. (SSCI) 2021
ALPER SİNAN Does the Association Between Illness-Related and Religious Searches on the Internet Depend on the Level of Religiosity? Social Psychological and Personality Science, (), 0-0. (SSCI) 2020
ALPER SİNAN,YILMAZ ONURCAN Does an Abstract Mind-Set Increase the Internal Consistency of Moral Attitudes and Strengthen Individualizing Foundations? Social Psychological and Personality Science, 11(3), 326-335. (SSCI) 2020
ALPER SİNAN Explaining the Complex Effect of Construal Level on Moral and Political Attitudes Current Directions in Psychological Science, 29(2), 115-120. (SSCI) 2020
ALPER SİNAN,BAYRAK FATİH,US ELİF ÖYKÜ,YILMAZ ONURCAN Do changes in threat salience predict the moral content of sermons? The case of Friday Khutbas in Turkey European Journal of Social Psychology, 50(3), 662-672. (SSCI) 2020
ALPER SİNAN,BAYRAK FATİH,YILMAZ ONURCAN Psychological correlates of COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs and preventive measures: Evidence from Turkey Current Psychology, (), 0-0. (SSCI) 2020
ALPER SİNAN,BAYRAK FATİH,YILMAZ ONURCAN All the Dark Triad and some of the Big Five traits are visible in the face Personality and Individual Differences, 168(), 110350-0. (SSCI) 2020
YILMAZ ONURCAN,ALPER SİNAN The link between intuitive thinking and social conservatism is stronger in WEIRD societies Judgment and Decision Making, 14(2), 156-169. (SSCI) 2019
ALPER SİNAN,SÜMER NEBİ Control Deprivation Decreases, Not Increases, Belief in a Controlling God for People with Independent Self-Construal Current Psychology, 38(), 1490-1494. (SSCI) 2019
ALPER SİNAN,YILMAZ ONURCAN How is the Big Five related to moral and political convictions: The moderating role of the WEIRDness of the culture Personality and Individual Differences, 145(), 32-38. (SSCI) 2019
Buttrick Nicholas,Choi Hyewon,Wilson Timothy D,Oishi Shigehiro,Boker Steven M,Gilbert Daniel T,ALPER SİNAN,Aveyard Mark,Cheong Winnee,Čolić Marija V,Dalğar Ilker,DOĞULU CANAY,KARABATI SERDAR,Kim Eunbee,Knežević Goran,Komiya Asuka,Laclé Camila Ordóñez Cross-cultural consistency and relativity in the enjoyment of thinking versus doing. JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 117(5), 71-83. (SSCI) 2019
ALPER SİNAN,US ELİF ÖYKÜ The role of intentionality in perceiving terrorism as a more important problem than traffic accidents Current Psychology, (), 1-9. (SSCI) 2019
ALPER SİNAN Does Abstract Mindset Decrease or Increase Deception? Social Psychology, 50(), 94-104. (SSCI) 2019
DOĞRUYOL BURAK,ALPER SİNAN,YILMAZ ONURCAN The five-factor model of the moral foundations theory is stable across WEIRD and non-WEIRD cultures Personality and Individual Differences, 151(), 109547-0. (SSCI) 2019
ALPER SİNAN,US ELİF ÖYKÜ,TASMAN DİCLE ROJDA The evil eye effect: vertical pupils are perceived as more threatening Cognition and Emotion, 33(6), 1249-1260. (SSCI) 2019
ALPER SİNAN An abstract mind is a principled one: Abstract mindset increases consistency in responses to political attitude scales JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 77(), 89-101. (SSCI) 2018
ALPER SİNAN,ÖZKAN TÜRKER Do internals speed less and externals speed more to cope with the death anxiety? TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F-TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR, 32(), 68-77. (SSCI) 2015
7.2 Published or accepted to be published in International journals covered by other indexes
Klein Richard A,Vianello Michelangelo,Hasselman Fred,Adams Byron G,Adams Reginald B,ALPER SİNAN,Aveyard Mark,Axt Jordan R,Babalola Mayowa T,Bahník Štěpán,Batra Rishtee,Berkics Mihály,Bernstein Michael J,Berry Daniel R,Bialobrzeska Olga,Binan Evans Da Many Labs 2: Investigating Variation in Replicability Across Samples and Settings Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1(4), 443-490. PsycINFO 2018
7.3 Published in CPCI-S or CPCI-SSH indexed conference proceedings International
Uz İrem,ALPER SİNAN Cultural tightness and looseness measures cross-validated Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention 2016 2016
ALPER SİNAN,Uz İrem,Kemmelmeier Markus,Faniko Klea,Kuittinen Saija,Stanciu Adrian,Lun Vivian MiuChi,Toro Alexandra,Quero Betsy,Fetvadjiev Velichko The Position but not the Omission of Pronouns Influences Self-Construal Society for Personality and Social Psychology Convention 2016 2016
ALPER SİNAN,ÖZKAN TÜRKER Coping with the death anxiety behind the wheels: Desirability of control moderates the effect of mortality salience on speeding 14. Avrupa Psikoloji Kongresi 2015
7.4 Books & Book Chapters International
ALPER SİNAN,YILMAZ ONURCAN,SARIBAY SELAHATTİN ADİL The Psychology of Political Behavior in a Time of Change Chapter:How Do Cognitive Styles Influence Political Attitudes? A Joint Consideration of Dual-Process Model and Construal Level Theory Page (-) Chapter Springer, Cham 2020
ALPER SİNAN Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences Chapter:Personal Agency Page (-) Chapter Springer International Publishing 2019
ALPER SİNAN Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences Chapter:Power Distance Page (-) Chapter Springer International Publishing 2019
ALPER SİNAN Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences Chapter:Personal Control Page (-) Chapter Springer International Publishing 2018
7.5 Published or Accepted to be Published in National Journals
BAYRAK FATİH, ALPER SİNAN, YILMAZ ONURCAN Çözüm Önerisinin İtici Görülüp Görülmemesi Kürt Sorununu Kabul Etmeyi Etkiliyor mu Kalem Uluslararasi Egitim ve Insan Bilimleri Dergisi, 11(1), 1-20. TR DİZİN 2021
Kozan Erdal, ALPER SİNAN Yüzlere Atanan Cinsiyet Etiketlerinin Cinsel Çekicilik Algısı Üzerindeki Etkisi Nesne Dergisi, 9(20), 240-260. TR DİZİN 2021
YILMAZ ONURCAN,BAYRAK FATİH,ALPER SİNAN Wittgenstein’ın Psikoloji Bilimine Dair Görüşlerine Eleştirel Bir Bakış Current Research in Social Sciences, 5(2), 130-142. TR DİZİN 2019
ALPER SİNAN,Tasman Dicle Rojda Sosyal Karşılaştırmaların Ulusal Nostalji Üzerindeki Etkisi Türk Psikoloji Yazıları, 22(43), 59-68. TR DİZİN 2018
ALPER SİNAN,Kunter Ecem,Uz İrem Zamir Kullanımının Erkek ve Kadınlarda Bireycilik ve Toplulukçuluğa Etkisi Nesne Dergisi, 6(12), 68-81. TR DİZİN 2018
ALPER SİNAN,SÜMER NEBİ Özgür irade ve belirlenimcilik ölçeğinin Türkçeye uyarlaması ve psikometrik özellikleri Türk Psikoloji Yazıları, 20(39), 26-38. PSYC Info/Psychological Abstract ve Tübitak Sosyal Bilimler Veritabanı 2017
ALPER SİNAN,SÜMER NEBİ Özgür irade ve belirlenimcilik ölçeğinin Türkçeye uyarlaması ve psikometrik özellikleri. Türk Psikoloji Yazıları, 20(39), 26-35. TR DİZİN 2017
7.6 Published Conference Proceedings National
ALPER SİNAN, Elcil Tuğçenaz, Karaca Nazif, BAYRAK FATİH, YILMAZ ONURCAN Kurgusal Gerçekliği Şüpheli İnançların Yordayıcıları ve Bilimsel Akıl Yürütmenin Rolü (Sözlü Sunum) 21. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi 2022
ALPER SİNAN Hastalıklar ve Dinle İlgili Google Aramaları Arasındaki İlişkiye Dindarlık Seviyesinin Etkisi (Sözlü Sunum) 3. Sosyal Psikoloji Kongresi 2019
ALPER SİNAN “WEIRD” Sorunu ve Sosyal Psikolojinin Geleceği: Analitik Düşünmenin Siyasi Yönelime Etkisine Dair Örnek Bir Çalışma (Sözlü Sunum) 3. Sosyal Psikoloji Kongresi 2019
ALPER SİNAN Krizdeki Psikolojiyi Kurtarabilecek Yeni Girişimler: Önkayıt ve Kayıtlı Rapor (Sözlü Sunum) 3. Sosyal Psikoloji Kongresi 2019
ALPER SİNAN,BAYRAK FATİH,US ELİF ÖYKÜ,YILMAZ ONURCAN Tehdit Belirginliğinin Cuma Hutbelerinde Ahlaki Vurgulara Etkisi (Sözlü Sunum) 20. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi 2018
BAYRAK FATİH,ALPER SİNAN “T A M A M” ve “Devam” Diyenler Vurguladıkları Ahlaki Boyutlar Açısından Birbirlerinden Nasıl Farklılaşıyorlar? (Sözlü Sunum) 20. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi 2018
ALPER SİNAN Soyut ve Somut Düşünmenin Ahlakla Olan İlişkisi (Sözlü Sunum) 20. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi 2018
HARMA MEHMET,DOĞRUYOL BURAK,ALPER SİNAN,YILMAZ ONURCAN Ahlak Psikolojisi ve Farklı Bağlamlardaki Yansımaları (Sözlü Sunum) 20. ULUSAL PSİKOLOJİ KONGRESİ 2018
ALPER SİNAN,US ELİF ÖYKÜ Terör olayları mı daha önemli, trafik kazaları mı: Kasıt ve toplumsal sorunlara verilen değer arasındaki ilişki. (Sözlü Sunum) 20. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi 2018
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SAKMAN EZGİ,ALPER SİNAN Gruplar arası ilişkiler için kritik bir değişkenin bireysel yordayıcıları: Kolektif narsisizm ve bölme savunma mekanizması (Sözlü Sunum) 1. Sosyal Psikoloji Kongresi 2016
Kunter Ecem,Tarak Kübra,Kahraman Ayşe,Okat Atakan,ALPER SİNAN,Uz İrem Zamir kullanımının erkek ve kadınlarda benlik kurgusuna etkisi. (Sözlü Sunum) 19. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi 2016
ALPER SİNAN,ERSAN ÖZLEM,Koçer Birsen Engelli Park Yeri İhlalinin Nedenleri (Sözlü Sunum) 5. Karayolu Trafik Güvenliği Sempozyumu 2014
ALPER SİNAN,SÜMER NEBİ İşsizliğin etkilerini yordamada kaynak kaybı, sosyal destek ve istihdam edilme algısının görece rolü (Sözlü Sunum) 18. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi 2014
7.7 Other Publications
ALPER SİNAN,YILMAZ ONURCAN Sağcılığın ve Solculuğun Psikolojisi: Farklı Dünyaların İnsanları Nobel Bilimsel Eserler 2020


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