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Assoc.Prof.(PhD) Orkun Karabaşoğlu

Faculty of Engineering / Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Karabasoglu received his PhD and M.Sc. in Mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 2013. Later on, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the Mechatronics Research Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Industrial Engineering Department of Yasar University and the Founder and Director of The Laboratory for Intelligent Vehicles and Energy Systems (previously affiliated with JIE). Before joining Yasar University, he worked at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University’s Joint Institute of Engineering (JIE) with Sun Yat-sen University. His expertise is in the fields of optimization, control and machine learning with an applied focus on electrified vehicles and smart grid. He teaches probability, statistics, data mining and machine learning related courses. His research has been featured in Bloomberg, Reuters, Fox42 News, Green Car Congress, Environmental Leader, The Wall Street Journal, EV World and etc. He has also served as an advisor for various companies in vehicle, energy, and software industry in the US, China and Europe. He is the founder of Visutate, Inc. an immersive wellness company based in San Francisco.

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/ Carnegie Mellon University
Makine Mühendisliği
Thesis Name: Influence of Driving Patterns and Optimal Robust Powertrain Combined Design and Control on Plug-in Vehicle Cost, Life Cycle Emissions, Component Sizing, and Battery Stress (2013)
Thesis Advisor: Jeremy Michalek
2008 - 2013


Thesis Name: An efficient design optimization framework for rf and optical applications (2008)
Thesis Advisor: Gullu Kızıltas
2006 - 2008


2002 - 2006

Academic Titles


2023 -


2020 -


2017 - 2020


Beijing Jiaotong University / School of Computer and Information Technology / School of Computer and Information Technology
2016 - 2016


Carnegie Mellon University / Engineering Faculty / Scott Institute for Energy Innovation
2014 - 2017


Sun Yat-sen University – Carnegie Mellon University Joint Institute of Engineeringty / School of Computer and Information Technology / Electrical and Computer Engineering
2013 - 2017


Carnegie Mellon University / Engineering Faculty / Electrical and Computer Engineering
2013 - 2015

Research Assistant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Engineering Faculty / Mechanical Engineering
2013 - 2013

Thesis Superviser

Master Thesis
Miaojun Li A Big Data Method for EV Range Estimation Carnegie Mellon University 2015
Vanya Kandlakunta Driver Assistance System to Improve Fuel Economy via Feedback Mechanism Carnegie Mellon University 2015
Weiwei Li Response Surface Models for Engine Performance for Conventional Vehicles Carnegie Mellon University 2015
Yang Shi A Cloud computing based Intelligent Vehicles Dynamic Data Management Architecture Carnegie Mellon University 2015
Hadi Amini An Aggregated Framework for Electric Vehicle Charging Demand as Dispatchable Loads and Effects of EVs on Network Loss Minimization Carnegie Mellon University 2015
PhD Thesis


7.1 Published or Accepted to be Published in International Journals Covered by (SCI & SCI-E & SSCI & AHCI)
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Deriszadeh Adel, KARABAŞOĞLU ORKUN, ÖZTÜRK SALİH BARIŞ Excitation Procedure for Brushless Wound Rotor Synchronous Starter Generator with Seamless Transitions IET Power Electronics, 12(), 1-11. (SCI-Expanded) 2019
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7.2 Published or accepted to be published in International journals covered by other indexes
Agarwal Yash,Jain Kritika,KARABAŞOĞLU ORKUN Smart Vehicle Monitoring and Assistance Using Cloud Computing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology, 7(1), 60-73. SCOPUS 2018
7.3 Published in CPCI-S or CPCI-SSH indexed conference proceedings International
Sanketh S Shetty, KARABAŞOĞLU ORKUN Regenerative Braking Control Strategy for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Using Artificial Neural Networks Communications in Computer and Information Science 2014
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Li Dajian, Weng Paul, KARABAŞOĞLU ORKUN Finding Risk-Averse Shortest Path with Time-Dependent Stochastic Costs The 10th Multı-Dıscıplınary Internatıonal Workshop on Artıfıcıal Intellıgence 2016
7.5 Published or Accepted to be Published in National Journals
KARABAŞOĞLU ORKUN Hibrit ve Elektrikli Araçlar için Güç Aktarım Sistemi Bağlantılı Yeşil Rotalama Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Mühendislik Fakültesi Fen ve Mühendislik Dergisi, (), 421-433. TR DİZİN 2021


COMP 4460-Oyun Programlama (2020-2021)

Weekly Hour : 2

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Weekly Hour : 2

ESE 4910-Enerji Sistemleri Analizi (2020-2021)

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COMP 4350-Makine Öğrenmesine Giriş (2020-2021)

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ESE 4810-Enerji Sistemleri Mühendisliğinde Özel Konular (2020-2021)

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